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The Black Parade

Come see my float in The Black Parade!

Feb. 24th, 2007


2 things

thing 1) Rest In Peace Anna Nicole Smith. Her death was so random and sudden. I didn't believe it at first but no, it's true.

thing 2)I would like to create a zine but I don't know what to write in it.
So, I'm auditioning for an art school on frday for musical theatre and visual arts. I'm kinda really stuck for ideas for my scetch book and for art pieces. If you have any ideas for EITHER of them (perferably the art pieces) it would be so great if you could suggest them!!
The O.C. has been cancelled.


The Pink Spiderrrrs...Fill Me In.

Ok...somebody fill me in. Who are The Pink Spiders. I'm seeing them every where but I haven't heard a song by them or anything, they just kinda popped out of nowhere. Somebody please fill me in! If you have any songs by them, could you please sendspace the or sonthing so I can hear at least one (or if you have more than some) of their songs.


Dudes. I'm seeing Panic! At The Disco with Bloc Party and Jack's Mannequin. They are playimg the Ricoh on Nov. 16th!!


Sooo happy!! And excited!! I ♥ Jack's Mannequin too. They are amazing.
Here's a quick ad for my friend's band. They are cool and they live in France. You guys probably aren't interested but joining the community would be awsome! Thanks in advance. Tell me what you think of them! Here's the page.
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Cheak them out.
Their site is:
It's old but there's a new one coming soon!

How Do These Polls Work??

I just wanted to see how these polls work. Choose one.

Poll #822694 Panic! At The Disco

What Do You Think Of Panic! At The Disco?

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2006 VMA's

So as most of you know, the VMA's were last night. I just so happend to have the winners and order of performances. Here it is.

VMA'S 2006!!

Hosted By: Jack Black

Best Male Video: James Blunt- You're Beautiful
Best Hip-Hop Video: Black Eyed Peas- My Humps
Best Female Video: Kelly Clarckson- Because Of You
Best Dance Video: Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg- Buttons
Best Pop Video: P!NK- Stupid Girls
Best Rap Video: Chamillionaire- Ridin'
Best Direction For A Video: Gnarles Barkely- Crazy
Best Choreography: Shakira feat. Wyclef- Hips Don't Lie
Best Special Effects: Missy Elliot- We Run This
Best Group Video: The All-American Rejects- Move Along
Ringtone Of The Year: Fort Minor- Where'd You Go?
Best New Artist: Avenged Sevenfold- Bat Country
Best R+B Video: Beyonce- Check Up On It
Best Rock Video: AFI- Miss Murder
Viewers Choice: Fall Out Boy- Dance, Dance

Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland
The Raconteurs (*)
Pharell and Ludacris
The All-American Rejects
Panic! At The Disco
Hype Williams Tribute and Golden MoonMan Award
Christina Agulaira
The Killers
i sang a bright eyes song (at the bottom of everything) at camp this year for talent night everyone loved it. it was fantastic.
Ba Ba!! This Is The Sound Of Settling! Ba Baa! Ba Baa!

I love this song!!!
Sorrow drips into your heart through a pin hole, just like a fossit that leeks, there is comfort in the sound, but while you debate half empty or half full, your slowly rising, your love is gonna drown.
Ok, does anyone know any good songs for riding the TTC/transit home from school? It doesn't have to be assosiated with busses or anything but just good songs to listen to on the bus and walking from the bus stop. Thanks A Bunch!!!
Here is my cousin's result for the guitarist quiz! She loves this band (and she's 10!).

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I saw Death Cab For Cutie with Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs yeasterday evening. It was radtacular. The Cribs were the opener and they played about maybe five songs including the song "Hey Scenesters!" (Which I love). Then we waited like half an hour for Franz Ferdinand. Once they came on, everyone was dancing (and the emo kids were just bopping their heads). They played about a 45 minute set with songs from both albums (Franz Ferdinand and You Could Have It So Much Better). They were totally amazing. Then we waited another half hour for Death Cab For Cutie, the headliner of the night. Their stage was set up with a back drop curtain that was supposed to look like windows of buildings in a city, then it had trees that were white so that when the light shined on them they would be pretty colours, and there were also two little white houses that added to the scene. The band played a set that was about an hour and a half. Ten minutes into the set the fire alarm went off from all the people that were smoking during the previous sets. After the song they were finished playing the song, Ben Gibbard, (lead vocals, guitar and pianist extraordinaire) said "What the fuck is that sound? Like honestly!". So they played another song and it still wasn't turning off, so after that song, Ben was like "Okay, here's what we can do, we can wait five minutes, wait for someone to go turn it off and I can talk about how bad airline food is or we just play through it". So of course everyone wanted them to play through it. Mean while, Chris was trying to play the same note on the keyboard and he said "It's not even a real note, it's sharp!". So Ben was like "Well this song's a rocker so it should over power the sound, it's the new sinlge and it's called 'Crooked Teeth'." and they carried on with the show. Eventually the alarm turned off. The end of the set came, and people were going crazy still so they came back out for their encore and they playing two of my favourites and my abosolute favourite. The songs being (in order) 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark', 'Marching Bands Of Manhatten' and 'Transatlanticism'. Then they were off. I bought two t-shirts, a Death Cba For Cutie shirt and a Franz Ferdiand shirt (I couldn't get a Cribs shirt, too much money!). I loved the concert and can't wait for them to come back.

I'll be posting pictures soon!

*edit: I never got the pictures on and i think the pictures got deleted off the camera. Sorry guys!!

Pictures From The Subways Concert In March

Here are some pics from The Subways concert back in mid-March (I think it was the 10th). Please keep in mind that these were taken on a camera phone.

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new panic! at the disco video is premering soon...i can feel in my veins!
any tips for a broken heart?
anyone got any songwriting tips? need them despratly! thanks!
ROAR! I feel weird.i feel like dancing.i feel like singing.it's raining.i'll go singing and dancing in the rain with tap shoes and an umbrella.!WATCH OUT GEANE KELLY,HERE I COME!!!!
what's the deal with the killers guys and the bravery??? honestly, im on the bravery's side because brandon flowers was the one who was talking bull about the bravery right before their album came out. that's not cool. i like the killers and all but when brandon goes talking shit about another band so that they get more attention is just dumb.
im sick...well not really but thats ok! im board